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Educational Leave

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The State may provide leave with pay or leave without pay for certain types of educational courses. For additional details, see the Office of State Human Resources Academic Assistance Policy.

Educational Leave With Pay - The State provides leave with pay for certain types of educational courses.

Extended Educational Leave With Pay - State agencies may provide extended educational leave, if certain criteria are met and approved by the Office of State Personnel.

Extended Educational Leave Without Pay - Extended educational leave without pay shall be granted in accordance with the normal Leave Without Pay policy.

Departments may allow a probationary, permanent, or trainee employee to take an extended leave to participate in career-related study based on the following criteria.

  • The course(s) will be beneficial to both the employee and the university.
  • Organizational needs must exist for employee development in the requested program.
  • Equal opportunity is provided in candidate selection.
  • Employees are informed of procedures.

Who's Eligible?

SHRA employees are eligible for educational leave.

How Do I Apply?

You must submit a request to the supervisor for educational leave in writing.

Your supervisor will review requests and approve or disapprove, based on criteria in the Educational Leave policy.

If applicable, Supervisors must process an action to put the employee on Leave With Pay or Leave Without Pay through the Human Resources System. The Supervisor must also process an action to return the employee from the leave.

Guiding Policies and Other Resources

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