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Employee Data Changes Procedures

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The Leave Administrator needs to keep employee data up-to-date so leave time accrues at the correct rate. Situations a Leave Administrator will encounter are addressed below.

I have a new employee in my department.
Whether a new employee or a rehire, the Leave Administrator must Add a New Employee/Rehired Employee.

An employee has left my department, what steps do I need to take?
Regardless of reason, Leave Administrators sometimes need to Delete/Terminate An Employee.

How do I transfer an employee?
That depends on whether the employee is transferring to another University Department or State Agency, and whether exempt status is affected.

I need to change an employee's exempt status.
Here's how to Change EPA or SPA Status.

An employee is changing the number of hours he works each week. How do I change his leave accrual?
The answer is to Change Full-Time Equivalency (FTE).

Do Temporary and EPA 9-month employees accrue leave?
Temporary and EPA 9-Month Employees don't accrue leave, but there may be things the Leave Administrators need to do.