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Leave Balances

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The Leave Administrator maintains records for departmental employees. For the situations below, see the instructions for Correcting Leave Accrual.

Full-Time Employees

  • If entering the employee during the first month of employment, the beginning balance for sick and vacation leave will be zero.
  • If entering the employee after the first month of employment, adjust the leave record by submitting a transaction to increase the leave type.
  • If the employee transfers from another state agency, and has a sick and vacation leave balance, enter the balance.
  • Do not enter the amount of leave the employee accrues per month in the data field for vacation/sick leave; the system will generate the hours accrued. These fields are for beginning balances only.

Note: For EPA employees, the leave accrual amount defaults to 16 hours for vacation and 8 hours for sick.

Part-Time Employees

If the employee accrues a different amount of than the default, the Leave Administrator is responsible for changing it. Leave is based on full-time employment (1.00 FTE).

  • If the employee works less than 40 hours, the system will multiply the FTE by the full-time accrual rate to accrue the correct amount of leave.
  • Temporary and EPA 9-month Faculty employees do not earn leave and should only be entered into leave system if they are Leave Administrators or Supervisors.
  • Enter these employees in the database with zeros in the accrual time for vacation and sick leave.