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Notice of Eligibility

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Notice of Eligibility:

When an employee requests FMLA leave, or when the department  knows that an employee's leave may be for an FMLA-qualifying reason, the employee must be notified of the employee's eligibility to take FMLA leave within five business days, absent extenuating circumstances.  Employee eligibility is determined (and notice must be provided) at the commencement of the first instance of leave for each FMLA-qualifying reason in the applicable 12-month period.  All FMLA absences for the same qualifying reason are considered a single leave and employee eligibility as to that reason for leave does not change during the applicable 12-month period.

If the employee is not eligible for FMLA leave, the notice must state at least one reason why the employee is not eligible. Notification of eligibility may be oral or in writing.

It is the responsibility of NC State to:

  • determine that leave requested is for a FMLA qualifying reason, and
  • designate leave, whether paid or unpaid, as FMLA leave even when an employee would rather not use any of the FMLA entitlement.

NC State must give notice of the designation to the employee within five business days absent extenuating circumstances. The notice may be oral or in writing, but must be confirmed in writing no later than the following payday. back to top

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