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Work-Related Injury or Illness

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The North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act provides benefits to state of NC government employees who receive an injury by accident while in the normal course of job duty. All full-time, part-time and temporary NC State employees are covered. Medical care procedures vary between Student & Post-Doctoral employees and regular NC State employees; however, all are provided with equal benefits and follow the same claims process.

Employee Responsibilities

Life-threatening emergency: contact Campus Police at 513-3333 to dispatch emergency services or call 911 if outside the Raleigh area.

Non-life threatening emergency: Notify a supervisor or manager immediately who will assess the situation, help arrange for proper medical care and begin the injury reporting process. It is important to report a work-related injury, accident or illness immediately, no matter how insignificant the incident may seem, as oftentimes those that get overlooked turn into larger medical problems. All incidents must be reported within 30 days of the occurrence.

Returning to work: Unless an employee is authorized by the attending health care provider to miss work, he/she must report back to work immediately following treatment. An employee who is unable to return to work must contact his/her supervisor right away for further instructions.

Light duty and work restrictions: Employees are expected to follow work restrictions and cooperate with light duty and alternative work arrangements while in the recovery stages of a work related injury or illness.

Prescriptions Drugs: Prescriptions resulting from a covered work related injury or illness may be filled at any major pharmacy without cost to the employee. If a pharmacy is unable to verify authorization or if it is a weekend, holiday or after hours, the employee may pay for the prescription and file for a reimbursement by sending a copy of the receipt to the Workers' Compensation Coordinator or Claims Administrator.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Immediate response: When a work-related injury or illness occurs, the supervisor's primary responsibilities are to assess the incident and assist the employee in seeking proper care at an authorized facility. When an employee is referred for medical care, the supervisor must provide the employee with a Medical Authorization and Attending Physician's Form for completion by the health care provider. When the employee returns to work, the supervisor should review the form to ensure appropriate light duty or work restrictions are followed.

Student employees and post-doctoral students must visit Student Health Servicesin the event a work-related accident or injury occurs. Regular part and full-time employees, and if after hours, the student employee or post-doctoral student should visit one of the approved health care facilities.

Rx Urgent Care
3100 Blue Ridge Rd.
Raleigh, NC
(919) 719-2250

Next Care Urgent Care
801 Highway 70 West
Garner, NC
(919) 779-5010

Next Care Urgent Care
1110 Kildare Farm Rd.
Cary, NC
(919) 481-0277

Within 24 hours after the incident occurs: Once the situation has been assessed and proper care has been facilitated, the supervisor then completes the First Report of Injury and the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) Form 19. The supervisor must collect a completed Employee Statement and Use of Leave Usage Form and Medical Authorization and Attending Physician's Form from the employee and forward all four completed documents to Environmental Health and Safety.

Returning to work and open communication: Flexibility in providing recommended modified duty supports a smooth return to full time job duties for the employee. Keeping open lines of communication with the employee and the University Workers' Compensation Coordinator is an important team effort between the supervisor, physician, Workers' Compensation Coordinator and Human Resources Representative.

Information And Resources

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NC State University

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  • Employee Benefits While on Receiving Workers' Compensation
  • NC State's Workers' Compensation Coordinator, (919) 515-2151


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