Banding Definitions

Career Band Level

  • Contributing Competencies - The span of knowledge, skills and successful work behavior necessary to perform a job from entry up to journey competencies required for the band.
  • Journey Competencies - Fully applied body of knowledge, skills and successful work behavior demonstrated on the job, which are beyond the contributing competencies.
  • Advanced Competencies - The highest or broadest scope of knowledge, skills, and work behavior demonstrated on the job, which are beyond journey competencies.

Career Band Salary Adjustment - Salary adjustments awarded to recognize

  • Probationary to Permanent Status - Employee moves to Permanent Status after the successful completion of the initial six-month probationary period.
  • Reassignment - Assignment of an employee from a higher pay band to a lower pay band or from a higher level to a lower level within a banded classification.
  • Promotion - Assignment of an employee to a higher pay band.

Career Progression/Market Adjustment - A salary increase within the pay range of the band to which an employee is assigned.

  • Within Band Change: Employee moves from a lower competency level to a higher competency level within a banded classification.
  • Within Level Adjustment: Employee has an adjustment without a competency level change.

Competencies - Knowledge, skills, abilities, and work behaviors that contribute to success in the job and to the organization's mission and goals.

Job Family - A group of jobs having the same nature of work (e.g., Information Technology, Administrative Support) but requiring different levels of skill, effort, responsibility or working conditions.

Journey Market Rate - The average salary of competitors in the relevant labor market for a band as determined by comparisons of benchmark jobs.

Market Reference Rate - A market rate determined by comparing benchmark jobs to relevant local, state, or national market data that allows geographical market flexibility in establishing appropriate market relationships.

Pay Band - A broad pay range approved for use with the career banding program. These bands include contributing, journey, and advanced market rates.