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EHRA Salary Adjustments

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Adjustments to an EHRA employee's salary may be requested based on one or more of the following reasons.

Additional Duties

To compensate for changes in responsibilities as documented in the position description. These changes must impact the complexity, scope, variety, and/or overall level or work.


To correct situations in which salaries of employees (within a department performing the same type and level of work) differ when education, skill, related work experience, length of service, and performance levels are considered.


To reduce or avoid turnover due to the labor market. Market salary data may support adjustments to compensate and retain employees in mission critical roles that require unique/specialized skills for which recruitment is difficult.


To retain valued employees who have received a formal offer of employment from an institution other than NC State University.

Salary increases greater than or equal to 15% and $10,000 or more above the employee's previous, June 30 salary require approval of both the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the Board of Governors (BOG).

Departments should consult the BOT/BOG deadlines to ensure timely submission of such requests and should electronically submit the cover sheet for EHRA actions requiring approval of the BOT and/or the BOG.

Human Resources will contact the requesting department once all necessary approvals of the salary increase request have been obtained.