Career Band Salary Increases & Adjustments

Reclassification is the assignment of an SHRA (Subject to the State Human Resources Act) position to a different career band. The new or revised job description is reviewed and compared to the previous duties and responsibilities, applicable Competency Profiles and Career Band Specifications, as well as  established positions on campus. If needed, interviews with the supervisor and/or employee may be scheduled to gain a better understanding of organizational needs and the role of the position in helping to meet those needs.

Reclassification to a Higher Career Band

A reclassification to a higher career band is the result of an assignment of the position/employee to a class with a higher market reference rate. Reclassifications to a higher career band are warranted based on relevant changes in a position that may be the result of organizational restructuring (e.g., the addition of a new program requiring additional support), redesign of the position, and/or additional competencies, knowledge, and skills gained by an employee that affect the classification level.  

The employee’s salary shall be increased at least to the minimum of the new pay range of the applicable career band. Salary increases above the minimum of the range may be awarded if supported by the application of the pay factors which includes consideration of the labor market pay rates, the employee's related training and experience, the applicable and demonstrated competencies, internal pay alignment, and current salary.  

Reclassification to a Lower Career Band

Reclassification to a lower career band is represented by the reclassification of a position to a career band that has a lower market reference rate. The reclassification of a position to a lower career band may occur as a result of changes in the organization, or redesign of the position (e.g., when a skilled incumbent vacates a position and the department wishes to recruit at a lower level). When a position is assigned to a lower career band, the employee's salary may remain the same, if it is within the new career band’s salary range. Any resulting salary reduction would be based on factors such as diminished job content, performance, and internal pay alignment within the work unit.

Effective Date

Salary adjustments may be given on the effective date of the related reclassification.

Human Resources Guiding Policy Disclaimer

Additional NC State Resources

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