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Employee Time Records

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Federal law requires that time records be maintained for employees subject to overtime.

Both SPA and EPA employees subject to overtime provisions.

SPA or EPA employees subject to overtime provisions.

What Is Required?

The NC State University Time Record is required for recording daily work time for the following NC State employees:

  • SPA and EPA employees who are subject to overtime
  • SPA employees who are agricultural exempt
  • SPA employees exempt from overtime who earn additional pay (such as shift premium or holiday premium)
  • SPA employees (non-exempt and exempt) from other NC State University departments who are working temporary assignments

The use of a time clock or any other type of time record in lieu of the NC State University Time Record must be approved by Human Resources.

What Determines Non-Exempt Status?

Exempt or non-exempt status is defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA designation of a position is determined by Classification and Organizational Services when a position is established or reclassified.

How Do I Record Work Time?

Each employee is required to maintain their own time record. Both the employee and supervisor must sign the time record certifying that the hours were worked as recorded and that the employee is entitled to any additional payment. Mistakes must be lined through and initialed by the supervisor and employee.

The supervisor may require that in and out times be recorded to show the actual time the employee first arrives and the time the employee last departs from work. The supervisor may also require lunch periods to be recorded. Indicate the total hours worked for each day. Record total hours worked to the nearest quarter hour and use decimal places (eg. 8.25 for 8 hours and 15 minutes).

Accuracy of Records

A falsified time record violates state and university policy. Anyone who prepares, certifies, or approves a falsified record is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Record Retention

The employee's department must retain the time record for five years, even if the employee separates or transfers to another department.


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