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Work Schedules

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The official University workweek is from 12:00 a.m. Saturday to 11:59 p.m. Friday. The standard workweek for full-time SPA employees is 40 hours, an 8-hour daily work schedule with a one-hour meal break. A meal period must be 30 minutes where the employee is released of all work duties.

The University uses variations of the standard work schedule to meet its commitment to the campus community. As programs and services permit, the University allows employees to work flexible schedules.

Work options are intended to develop and expand the use of variations in work schedules for employees in order to increase productivity and benefit morale. Work options also offer solutions to many of the problems associated with high turnover. Options include job-sharing, increased use of part-time employees, and flexible hours.

SPA employees are covered by this policy.

Flexible Work Schedule

Supervisors arrange and adjust work schedules to meet program and operational needs. Some organizational unit work requires predetermined work schedules that do not allow flexibility. Within these limits and with supervisory approval, an employee may request a variable work schedule. With supervisor approval an employee may begin the workday at any time the university is officially open. An employee requesting a change in work schedule should provide sufficient notice and justification to the supervisor. Supervisors may approve changes that are not detrimental to the work unit and that are fair and equitable to all employees.

Reporting Late

An employee who reports late to work may make up that time by extending the workday, if it is consistent with the work needs of the unit and does not result in overtime. Otherwise, tardiness must be charged against the employee's vacation leave.


Telecommuting is a flexible work arrangement where hiring managers direct or permit employees to perform job duties at alternate work locations in order to promote work efficiencies. Fulltime or part-time employees with probationary, permanent, trainee, or time-limited appointments are eligible to telework with supervisory approval. Temporary employees may not participate in telecommute arrangements. Employees are subject to the same performance expectations as if they were at the central work site and written agreements are required for telecommuting arrangements. For more guidance, contact Employment at 919-515-2135

Guiding Policies and Other Resources

Human Resources Guiding Policy Disclaimer


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Contact Compensation, 515-2135