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University Official Holidays/Closings

University Holiday Schedule

Holidays/Closings 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
New Year's Day Tues Jan 1 Wed Jan 1 Thurs Jan 1 Fri Jan 1 (Sun Jan 1)
Day After New Year's Wed Jan 2: Open Thurs Jan 2: Open Fri Jan 2* (Sat Jan 2) Mon Jan 2
MLK Jr. Day Mon Jan 21 Mon Jan 20 Mon Jan 19 Mon Jan 18 Mon Jan 16
Memorial Day Mon May 27 Mon May 26 Mon May 25 Mon May 30 Mon May 29
Independence Day Thurs July 4 Fri July 4 Fri July 3 Mon July 4 Tues July 4
Labor Day Mon Sept 2 Mon Sept 1 Mon Sept 7 Mon Sept 5 Mon Sept 4
Thanksgiving Day Thurs Nov 28 Thurs Nov 27 Thurs Nov 26 Thurs Nov 24 Thurs Nov 23
Day After Thanksgiving Fri Nov 29 Fri Nov 28 Fri Nov 27 Fri Nov 25 Fri Nov 24
  Mon Dec 23: Open        
Winter Break Tues Dec 24 Wed Dec 24 Thurs Dec 24 (Sat Dec 24) (Sun Dec 24)
Winter Break Wed Dec 25 Thurs Dec 25 Fri Dec 25 (Sun Dec 25) Mon Dec 25
Winter Break Thurs Dec 26 Fri Dec 26 (Sat Dec 26) Mon Dec 26 Tues Dec 26
Winter Break Fri Dec 27 (Sat Dec 27) (Sun Dec 27) Tues Dec 27 Wed Dec 27
Winter Break (Sat Dec 28) (Sun Dec 28) Mon Dec 28 Wed Dec 28 Thurs Dec 28
Winter Break (Sun Dec 29) Mon Dec 29* Tues Dec 29 Thurs Dec 29 Fri Dec 29
Winter Break Mon Dec 30* Tues Dec 30 Wed Dec 30* Fri Dec 30 (Sat Dec 30)
Winter Break Tues Dec 31 Wed Dec 31 Thurs Dec 31 (Sat Dec 31) (Sun Dec 31)
University Holiday Univ Closed Employees Use Leave* University Open (Weekend)

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* University closed; employees use annual leave, bonus leave/special leave, or comp time. If leave is not available for use, pay will be reduced for overdrawn leave.

Some employees must work on holidays/closings to meet operational needs. To confirm that additional compensation is applicable, review information on the additional compensation process.

Employees may ask to take leave for major religious observances. Supervisors must arrange work schedules so the employees can take leave if the day is a major religious observance for them and the leave does not create an emergency situation in the department

The State authorizes 12 holidays each year, three of which must fall at Christmas. The campuses of the University of North Carolina system observe the same total number of holidays as those provided to other State agencies. However, each campus sets its own specific holiday/closing schedule based on institutional needs.

In accordance with G.S.126-4(5), NC State University will observe a holiday in recognition of Veteran's Day on the following alternate dates: 12/27/13, 12/26/14, 12/28/15, 12/26/16, 12/26/17.

Questions concerning holidays/closings should be directed to Employment Services at 919-515-2135.

University Holiday/Closing FAQ (pdf)

Religious Holidays Calendar