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Demotion and Reassignment

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Demotion is a change in employee status due to disciplinary action resulting in:

  • employee movement from one banded position to another with the same banded classification with a lower competency level, or
  • employee movement from one banded position to another with a different banded classification with a lower market rate than the employee’s current market rate, or
  • reduction in salary within same banded class.

Reassignment is employee movement from one banded position to another with a lower market rate.


For reassignments, the salary shall be based on the application of pay factors, but cannot exceed the new banded class salary range. For a demotion, if the demotion results in movement to another banded class, the salary shall be reduced if it exceeds the maximum of the salary range. When a demotion results in a salary reduction in the same banded class, salary may not be less than the minimum of the salary range. A salary reduced by disciplinary action may be less than the appropriate rate based on pay factors.
If the employee's previous salary is above the new banded class salary range, then it is reduced to at least the maximum of the new range.
Written Justification must be submitted to OSHR for review and approval prior to offering a salary increase of 20% or more.
Note: Demotions and reassignments may be effective on any day of the month.


An employee automatically qualifies for a position when demoted or reassigned within the same field of work. If either demotion or reassignment is made to a different field of work, then the employee must meet the minimum qualifications for the position.


Demotions and reassignments and the resulting salary must be reviewed by the hiring official, the college's Affirmative Action representative, and the appropriate dean or vice chancellor prior to approval by Human Resources.

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