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Offers of Employment

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The hiring proposal must be satisfactorily completed and approved by Human Resources before a hiring decision or commitment can be approved. Commitments are subject to review and final approval by the Office of State Human Resources.

Job offers should be confirmed in writing and include information regarding classification title and grade, rate of pay, limits on the duration of appointment (if any), work hours, type of appointment (probationary/permanent), any unusual work conditions, and a reminder that offers are contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.

Departments also must advise new employees that successful completion of the probationary period is contingent, in part, on verification of credentials and attendance at new employee orientation.


In career-banding, compensation is based on employee competency levels and labor market rates for each occupational area.
Competencies are knowledge, skills, and work behaviors that contribute to employees' success in their job. Career-band specifications identify the specific competencies needed to perform the work assigned. 
Within each band, employee salaries are determined by several factors.

  1. Budget and the availability of funding
  2. Market pay rates
  3. Competencies
    1. Minimum qualifications for the band
    2. Related education and experience
    3. Duties and responsibilities
    4. Specialized training, certifications and licenses
  4. Internal pay alignment (equity)
  5. Current salary and total compensation

As competencies are developed through work experience, education, and training and are demonstrated (used) on the job, employees become eligible for salary adjustment consideration. Increases are subject to funding availability and appropriate approvals.


Salaries for current SHRA employees who have been recommended for transfer are covered by the policies on demotion, promotional, or lateral transfers, and reassignments.

Starting Dates

Employees may begin on any workday. When the first day of a month falls on a non-workday and the employee begins work on the first workday of the month, the date to begin work will be shown as the first day of the month.

An SHRA employee transferring may do so on any day of the month following a 2-week notice. If mutually agreed upon, separation may occur before 2 weeks.

Applicant Follow-Up

Once a position is filled, the hiring department is expected to follow-up in writing with each candidate interviewed regarding the final decision. It is not necessary to give details on the credentials of the candidate hired or the shortcomings of the unsuccessful candidates. Thanking a candidate for expressing interest in the position is sufficient.

Guiding Policies and Other Resources

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