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Talent & Organization Solutions provides resources, support, and consultation for recruitment and selection for SHRA, Faculty, and EHRA Non-faculty vacancies.

Hiring Standards

Each position classification or title has minimum standards / requirements for education and experience. These standards indicate the experience, skills, competencies, knowledge, and/or abilities necessary for successful job performance. In some cases, specific formal education may be substituted for required experience. Directly-related experience also may be substituted for certain educational requirements.

Hiring departments in cooperation with Employment Services are responsible for determining job-related qualifications required in addition to minimum standards. Preferred experience, skills, training and education may also be determined by the hiring department.

External Advertising

Employment Services coordinates approved advertisement copy, publications, and run dates with the hiring department. Common media resources include journals (online and print), professional organizations, online job sites, social media outlets. In addition, in order to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, Employment Services must review and endorse external advertising prior to use. Costs of advertisements are approved by and will be invoiced to the hiring department.

For vacancies targeted for Affirmative Action, advertisement in female- or minority-specific publications is encouraged and may be required in some cases.

Vacancy Posting

Most vacancies at NC State require a posting. To determine if a posting and/or background check is required for your vacancy, please review the Posting and Background Check Requirements Chart.

In order to begin a recruitment, hiring departments submit a posting online through the Online Employment System. The Posting and Background Check Requirements Chart also indicates the minimum duration for a position must be posted. Once posted, review of applicant materials as well as selection occur within the Online Employment System. Training and reference materials in the use of the system are available here.

Waiver of Posting

A waiver of an EHRA posting must be discussed with and approved by the Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity prior to offering the position to a candidate. A hiring unit seeking to employ a candidate by requesting a waiver must include a memorandum of justification explaining why recruitment procedures should be waived.

A waiver of an SHRA posting must be discussed with and approved by Human Resources prior to offering the position to a candidate. A waiver of an SHRA posting may be requested only for the following reasons:

  • Avoid a reduction-in-force
  • Affect a disciplinary transfer
  • Achieve a mandatory reinstatement
  • Transfer an employee to avoid the threat of bodily harm
  • Prevent critical work stoppage or protect the public health, safety, or security
  • Fill a position as a result of a redeployment arrangement

Guiding Policies and Other Resources

Human Resources Guiding Policy Disclaimer


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