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The goal of the selection process is to find the best available person for the job, a person with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and motivation to successfully fill the position.


Departments may interview only candidates referred and approved by Employment Services.

All contacts should be conducted to ensure fair and impartial treatment of applicants/candidates. The department should maintain summaries of all interviews.

Interview Guidelines are available from Employment Services.

Reference and Credentials Verification

The University recognizes the need to employ a well-qualified staff of the highest integrity. Therefore, hiring decisions must be based on qualifications known to be accurate. Human Resources is responsible for verifying the validity of educational credentials. Findings of falsification and options for disciplinary action will be communicated to the hiring official. Hiring officials are responsible for verifying the validity of applicant employment information. Employment references must be checked prior to requesting Human Resources' approval on a new hire.

Reference information must be secured from the most relevant work experience, any long period of employment, last employment, and any employment followed by lengthy unemployment.

References by telephone are acceptable and must be documented. References are confidential and should be maintained in the employee's departmental personnel file.

Consequences of Falsification

Falsification of University records, including but not limited to, time records, employment applications, research, and work-related documents may lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Guiding Policies and Other Resources

Human Resources Guiding Policy Disclaimer