Who's my Talent Consultant?

OUC OUC Name Talent Consultant
6 Office of Research Innovation + Economic Development Anna O'Connor
10 Athletics Stephanie DiMatteo
12 College of Design Rea Brown*
14 College of Engineering Stephanie DiMatteo
16 College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHASS) Shannon Boatwright
17 College of Sciences Julie Ricker-Hagler
18 College of Textiles Joanne Sullivan*
19 College of Veterinary Medicine Jennifer Harrison*
20 Poole College of Management Stephanie DiMatteo
24 Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) Rea Brown
25 Libraries Anna O'Connor
27 General Counsel Julie Ricker-Hagler*
32 Division of Enrollment Management & Services Jennifer Harrison
38 Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity (OIED) Sandra Vieira
39 Office of International Affairs (OIA) Stephanie DiMatteo*
43 Centennial Campus Development Shannon Boatwright
46 Finance & Resource Management Shannon Boatwright
47 Campus Enterprises Joanne Sullivan
48 Human Resources Stephanie DiMatteo
49 Treasurer's Office Shannon Boatwright
51 Office of Information Technology (OIT) Julie Ricker-Hagler
91 Student Organizations - Fee Supported Rea Brown

* Denotes Temporary Coverage for Vacant/Unavailable Consultant