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Partnering To Design Workplace Solutions

Alicia Lecceardone
ER Strategic Partner

Employee Relations Consults with Faculty, Staff, and Management Regarding......

  • Working Relationships
  • Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Management practices
  • Finding the appropriate resources
  • Harassment or discrimination complaints
  • Questions about policies
  • Attendance
  • Mediation
  • SPA Grievance & Appeal
  • EPA Review & Appeal
  • Faculty & Staff Assistance Program



The University has established grievance procedures in order to ensure the fair, orderly, and prompt resolution of job related disputes that may arise between an employee and anyone who is in a position of authority.  Employees are encouraged to resolve grievances in accordance with the University Mediation Services Program. Mediation seeks to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement of differences, it differs from the grievance procedure in that it does not impose a decision on the parties, rather, it assists parties in developing their own resolutions.

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