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Filing a Complaint

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Employees can file a formal or informal complaint with Employee Relations. Complaints may be filed to address concerns such as

  • Work environment
  • Communication problems with coworkers and/or supervisor
  • Relationships between coworkers and/or supervisor
  • Violations of law or University policy
  • General concerns or discontents with work environment

To file a complaint, it is necessary to present a written statement to Employee Relations. The written statement must include all information describing the incident the employee would like to discuss.

If an employee is interested in filing a prohibited workplace harassment and/or a discrimination claim, it is necessary to contact Employee Relations, 515-6575, or the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity, 515-3148.

For information on Grievances please visit the Grievances and Disputes web site.

To file a grievance, it is necessary to contact Employee Relations, 515-6575.