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Personal Use of University or State of NC Property, Equipment, Resources

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All University property is intended for business use only. Employees may not use University or state property or funds for personal gain. This includes, but is not limited to, telephones, equipment, storage space, desks, Internet, or mail services.

Misuse of state property or funds may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

For additional guidance, see REG07.40.2, Reporting Misuse of State Property.

Use of Vehicles Owned by the University or the State of NC

University employees are expected to observe all motor vehicle laws when driving and riding in University and state-owned vehicles. This includes observing the speed limit and wearing seat belts. Conviction of a moving violation or negligence resulting in damage to University property while operating a state-owned vehicle may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

For additional information, see:

Use of Mail, Telephones, and Computers

The University mail system is for handling official University mail. Employees should not use it for personal correspondence. Telephones are intended for business purposes. Personal phone calls are occasionally necessary. However, at no time may long distance calls or toll calls of a personal nature be made at the University's expense.

NC State's computer networks, equipment, and resources are provided primarily to support the academic and administrative functions of the University. Contact your supervisor if you have questions on the use of computers, equipment, networks, or resources.

For additional guidance, see REG08.00.2, Computer Use Regulation.