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Interpersonal Relationships

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While close working relationships are encouraged among faculty, staff, and students, it is misconduct, subject to disciplinary action, for an individual to exercise direct supervisory, evaluational, instructional, and/or advisory responsibilities; or participate in hiring, retention, promotion, or award decisions, for someone with whom there exists an amorous relationship or to whom they are related by blood, law, or marriage. Both the fact and semblance of any exploitation must be avoided. The relative difference in power - actual or perceived - in working relationships must be recognized by faculty and staff, and must not be employed to anyone's advantage or disadvantage.

It is misconduct, subject to disciplinary action, for a University employee to engage in sexual activity with any enrolled student of the institution, other than his or her spouse, who is a minor below the age of 18 years. Further, such sexual relationship can result in criminal liability.

For additional guidance, see POL04.20.6, Interpersonal Relationships among Faculty, Staff and Students - Health, Safety and Welfare.