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Grievance Procedure Volunteers

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The University's SPA Grievance Procedure allows SPA and EPA employees to serve as volunteers to assist with the SPA Grievance and the Performance Pay Dispute processes. Employees can volunteer to be either a Grievance Assistant or a member of the Hearing Panel.

Grievance Assistants

Grievance Assistants are permanent SPA (Subject to the State Personnel Act) and EPA (Exempt from the State Personnel Act) NC State employees who have volunteered to serve as policy advisors for SPA grievant or management. They may accompany the grievant or management to any meetings or hearings held in response to the formal grievance in order to clarify any issues or questions concerning grievance policies and/ or procedures.

To be eligible, you must have supervisory permission to participate, have no active disciplinary action on file, and have completed training provided by Employee Relations.

An employee may volunteer to be a Grievance Assistant no more than twice in a calendar year. The assistant must obtain prior management approval for any time away from work required to function in this capacity.

A list of trained assistants is maintained by Human Resources and provided to the parties in a grievance, as requested. Each party in the grievance may also elect to ask a fellow employee of his or her choice to serve as their grievance assistant as long as the employee meets eligibility criteria.

Employees who meet the criteria and are interested in serving as a Grievance Assistant should contact Employee Relations, 515-6575.

Hearing Panel Members

Employee Relations trains Hearing Panel Members who meet eligibility criteria to serve as neutral parties during Grievance Hearings. Panel Members may be permanent SPA or EPA employees of NC State who have no disciplinary actions in their personnel file. They should be able to hear and review information provided from a grievant and management, determine factual issues to be considered, and make resolution recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business. A two-year commitment is required.

Panel members are expected to serve as grievance assistants up to twice per year, upon request.

Employees who meet the criteria and are interested in serving as a Panel Member should contact Employee Relations, 515-6575.