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Holiday Policy

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Who's Eligible?

Full- and part-time permanent SPA employees, persons in time-limited appointments, trainees, and probationary employees (exempt and non-exempt) are covered by this policy.

An employee is eligible for a holiday when he or she is in pay status through the holiday, or for one-half or more of the workdays and holidays in the month when a short leave without pay is involved.

An employee is not eligible for a holiday when the holiday occurs before the beginning date of employment, or after the last day of work when an employee separates or goes on extended leave without pay (over half the workdays and holidays in a month).


An employee would be eligible for a holiday under the following exceptions.

  • If a holiday falls at the first of a month, and the employee begins work on the first available workday, pay is received for the holiday.
  • If the holiday falls at the end of the month, and the employee is in pay status through the last available workday, pay is received for the holiday.

Holiday Accrual Rates

Employees do not accrue holidays. Each year, the University publishes a schedule of Official Closings.

Absences Preceding, During, or Following a Holiday

Employees may schedule vacation preceding or following a holiday, with supervisory approval. Employees should charge the holiday to Holiday Leave, and vacation to Vacation Leave.

Working on Holidays

Institutions of higher education, which require a 7-day, 24-hour operation, may adopt alternative holiday schedules in keeping with operational needs, provided the employees are given the same number of holidays as approved by the State Personnel Commission. Such special holiday schedules must be filed with the Office of State Personnel.

Holiday Differential

Either the State government public holiday(s) or the day(s) designated for observance, pursuant to the Alternative Holiday Schedules and the Additional Holiday Schedules shall be specified as premium pay holidays.

SPA employees who are required to work on designated University holidays receive holiday premium pay for all hours worked and compensatory time off based on the number of holidays for the week.

Religious Holidays

NC State will make every effort to accommodate an employee's request to be away from work for certain religious holiday observances; however, there is no obligation to do so if, in accommodating the request, it would result in undue hardship on the agency or its employees.

If the religious holidays cannot be accommodated by the above, the Vacation Policy shall be used. If an employee has accrued vacation leave, no request for vacation leave will be denied unless it would create an emergency condition that cannot be prevented in any other manner.

Note: Although approval of the use of vacation leave is discretionary, requests by an employee to use vacation leave for cultural and/or ethnic-related events should be granted if the employee has accrued vacation leave and the granting of the leave will not result in undue hardship on the agency or its employees.