Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service gives employees the ability to view and make changes to much of their personal, payroll, and benefits information online via the MyPack Portal.

Employees are able to view:

  • Personal Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, e-mail address, Emergency Contact Information, Gender, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Military Status, Education Level, and Ethnic Group
  • Payroll Information: Current and Prior Paychecks, Direct Deposit, Voluntary Deductions, Request a W-2 Reissue, and Compensation History
  • Benefits Information: Benefits, Health Care, Savings, and Insurance Summaries, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Beneficiary and Dependent Information

Employees are able to make changes to:

  • Personal Information including address, phone number, e-mail address, emergency contact information
  • Payroll Information including Direct Deposit, voluntary deductions, and requests for a W-2 reissue

Access to Employee Self-Service

Employees will be able to access the Self-Service module through the MyPack Portal.

Access for Separated Employees

Access to Employee Self-Service is provided until April 30th of the calendar year following the date of separation for all NCSU employees.

For example, an employee who separated from the University anytime during the current year would have access to employee self-service through April 30th, of the following year.