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Human Resources serves as the official repository for personnel files of permanent SPA and EPA employees. A personnel file consists of I9 personal demographics and information relating to the individual's application, promotions, demotions, transfers, salary, suspensions, disciplinary actions, and termination or separation.

Personnel records are maintained for all current permanent employees. Records of employees who separated in 1989 or later are maintained on microfiche. Files on separations prior to 1989 are kept at the State Records Center. Human Resources does not maintain files for temporary employees. These are kept by

  • University Temporary Services, if you are employed through them
  • The department, if you were hired directly by a department.

Department Files

Departments may keep unofficial or working files that follow the employee's career through the university. Departmental personnel records contain the I-9, performance appraisals, leave records, and correspondence important for the permanent file.

In accordance with the guidelines on public and confidential information, an employee has access to personnel files regardless of their locations.

Additional Resources

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