I-9 Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who needs to complete an I-9 form?

  2. When must the I-9 process be completed?

  3. How do I complete an I-9 form with a new employee?

  4. Can an I-9 form be completed before the new employee actually begins to work?

  5. What happens if I notice an I-9 is not complete or is completely missing?

  6. Do volunteers on campus need to complete I-9 forms?

  7. How does the new employee know what documents to present to prove identity and ability to work in the United States?

  8. What happens when a new employee does not present the required identity and employment eligibility documents within three days after the hire date?

  9. Can I tell the employee which documents to bring to complete the I-9 form?

  10. Does the employee have to show me the documents in-person or can someone else (parents, friends) show the documents to HR on the new employee’s behalf?

  11. May I accept an expired document?

  12. May I accept a photocopy, faxed copy, or emailed copy of a document presented by the employee?

  13. If a foreign national or a nationalized U.S. citizen, has a one-word legal name (the person does not have both a “first” name and a “last” name), how do you enter it into the I-9 Guardian system?

  14. What if the new employee does not yet have a valid Social Security Number?

  15. What do I do if the employee’s Social Security Card says “Not Valid for Employment” or “Valid for Work only with DHS/INS Authorization” on it?

  16. Is the Social Security Card acceptable if it is laminated?

  17. Should I make copies of the documents the employee presents for completion of Section 2?

  18. Should I keep a copy of the I-9 form?

  19. Do I need to complete a new I-9 form when a temporary employee becomes permanent, when a part-time employee changes to full-time (or vice versa), or when an employee changes departments on campus, etc.?

  20. What happens when a foreign national employee changes or extends his/her nonimmigrant status and work authorization?

  21. How does a new employee who is hired to work outside of North Carolina complete an I-9 form for us?

  22. Do I need to do an I-9 form for an independent contractor?

  23. Do I need an I-9 form for a “no pay” employee?