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Nonimmigrant Classifications

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Nonimmigrant status is normally used for temporary employment or visitors to the U.S. These statuses are limited by time, location and scope of activities, and work statuses are normally tied to a specific employer. Many people obtain nonimmigrant status first before proceeding to a permanent status.

Common types used by NC State University include:

B-1 status: Also called a Visitor Visa, used for temporary visits for research, presentations, etc.

E-3 status: Employment-based status for Australian professionals limited to two-year terms which can be renewed indefinitely.

H-1B status: Employment-based status limited to two three-year terms for professional positions.

O-1 status: Employment-based status for nationally and internationally recognized professors or researchers.

TN status: Employment-based status for Canadian and Mexican citizens limited to three-year terms for professional positions.

Note: All foreign nationals (including permanent residents and children) are required to report any change in address within 10 days to USCIS using Form AR11.