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If you want to work at a place characterized by cutting-edge research and innovation, this is a great place to be. Among American universities, NC State ranks 6th in technology strength of patents, 7th among national research universities in industry-funded research, 12th among national research universities in non-federally funded research.

NCSU Pride Points

Quick Facts

  • $325 million in research expenditures
  • 3rd in industry-supported research in the U.S. (among public universities without medical schools)
  • Over 70% of faculty engaged in sponsored research
  • Over 2,500 graduate students supported on research and teaching appointments
  • 68 established research and service centers
  • Distinguished University Research professor, Dr. Donald Bitzer, won an Emmy for inventing the plasma display panel
  • More than 550 active patents and spun off more than 60 companies that employ nearly 13,000 people
  • 9th among US universities in patent production, quality and strength (IEEE Spectrum, Nov. 2006.)