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Quarterly Off-Cycle Check Report

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On a quarterly basis - January, April, July and October - University Payroll prepares a report listing the off-cycle checks processed and sends it to the "Deans, Directors and Department Heads" mailing list.  The report shows the total number of checks requested by each check distribution code (CDC), and Department (OUC) broken down by reason requested.  An off-cycle check represents a late payment to an employee.  The quarterly off-cycle check report should be used as a tool to assess your department's performance for submitting timely job actions and/or positive time.  Internal procedures should be reviewed to insure that employees are being paid correctly and on time.


Off-cycle checks are processed on "off cycle" payrolls and in general, are issued mid-way between the missed regular payday and the next payday.  Off-cycle check requests for bi-weekly employee are issued seven days after the regular payday, off-cycle checks for monthly employees are issued around the 15th of the following month (November is an exception - employees who were not paid on the regular November payroll are paid on the regular December payday, since the December monthly payroll is issued early).  For more information, see the Off-Cycle Check Procedure.