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Facts and Figures

For fiscal year 2007 - 2008
Total gross wages paid $ 597,888,741
Total amount of federal payroll withholding taxes remitted $ 139,792,091
Total amount of withholding taxes for North Carolina $ 30,397,969
Total amount of withholding taxes for other States $ 84,344
Total amount of non-wage compensation reported $ 646,473
Number of checks issued 7,257
Number of direct deposit advices issued 250,321
Number of vendors paid 212
Number of states NC State is registered as an employer 39
Number of payrolls run 78
Total amount remitted to the State Health Plan $42,056,528
Total amount remitted to TSERS/LEORS $40,109,666
Total amount remitted to optional retirement carriers $ 30,985,495
Total number of areas outside of US employees are paid in 4
For Calendar Year 2007
Number of Form W2 issued 21,668
Number of Form 1042S issued 597