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Staff Directory (Administration)

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  • Phone: 919-515-2135
  • Fax: 919-515-7543
  • Campus Box 7210

Staff Directory by Department

HR Administration Staff Members
Barbara Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor, HR, 919-515-3443
Corrinda Watkins, Exec Asst. to the AVC, HR, 919-515-4271
David O'Ferrell, Director, Payroll, 919-515-4367
David Perryman, Assistant Director, TOS, 919-515-4276
Deborah Wright, Director, TOS, 919-515-4290
Jesse Manciaz, Director, Employee Relations, 919-515-4300
Joe Williams, Director, Benefits, 919-515-4318
Justin Lang, Director, Executive Search Services, 919-513-1963
Kathy Lambert, Senior Director, TOS, 919-515-4277
Kevin Rice, Director, Training & Development, 919-515-4285
Lori Preiss, Director, EPA, 919-515-4315
Todd Driver, Director, HR Info. Mgmt., 919-515-7673