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Staff Directory (Payroll)

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  • Phone: 919-515-2135
  • Fax: 919-515-7543
  • Campus Box 7233

Staff Directory by Department

HR Payroll Staff Members
Vacant, Director, Payroll, 919-515-4367
Robin Nowlin, Assist. Dir., Tax Manager, Payroll, 919-515-2062
Samantha Caudill, Administrative Assistant, Payroll, 919-515-4346
Deduction Processing
Stephanie Newman, Benefit/Deduction Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-1974
Karen Young, Benefit/Deduction Specialist, Payroll, 919-515-4366
Payroll Processing
Regina House, Payroll Supervisor, Payroll, 919-515-4355
Meghan Kosbe, Sr. Payroll Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-7606
Stephanie May, Payroll Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-3548
Tax Administration
Michelle Anderson, Foreign National Taxation Manager, Payroll, 919-515-4370
Barbara Sutton, Tax Accountant, Payroll, 919-515-4354
Karen Lundin, International Taxation Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-3437
Jess Zdeb, Tax Accountant & Overpayment Coordinator, Payroll, 919-515-4349
Hayley Hardenbrook, International Taxation Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-3846