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Classification & Compensation Administration

Course Number: HRA02

Cost: $0

Description: Classification & Compensation Administration This course will provide an overview of the Classification & Compensation systems administered for the University and thorough training regarding classifying and compensating employees within each system. Content will include policies and procedures related to position creation, position reclassification.


  • Impart the value of good position management practices
  • Explain the University's Classification & Compensation structures for the following categories of employees: SPA Graded, SPA Banded, EPA and Temporary.
  • Explain the associated policies, processes/procedures, and forms for classifying and compensating employees in each system.
  • Facilitate an understanding of pay policies, managing pay/compensation, and establishing good and fair pay practices.
  • Review special pay circumstances (e.g., Dual/Secondary Employment, Supplemental pay, Longevity pay)
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Classification & Compensation Administration
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