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Employment Eligibility Verification: I-9 and E-Verify

Course Number: HRA04

Cost: $0

Description: This training provides information on both the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification and E-Verify processes. The session will cover general information for the HR practitioner/manager, as well as specific details regarding NC State’s process for new hires. Relevant federal law and University procedures and timelines will also be covered.


  • Learn the government process and rules behind the federally-required Form I-9, as well as University processes and procedures, timelines, restrictions, and common mistakes.
  • Discuss penalties and fines for improper compliance and completion of Forms I-9..
  • Learn about the federal E-Verify electronic employment verification process and which employers are required to use it.
  • Explain how to gain access to and use the system will also be covered.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Employment Eligibility Verification: I-9 and E-Verify
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