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Payroll Services- What Departments and Colleges Need to Know

Course Number: HRA10

Cost: $0

Description: This course covers the basics of payroll processing involved in producing employees’ paychecks from the roles the department and their college through payday. In addition to covering the general definitions and standard processing, we will go over prorated pay due to mid-month adjustment and deviated 9-month contracts, tax information, and non-salaried compensation. The course will also cover specialty areas of payroll such as off-cycle checks and overpayments. Participants will get some hands-on-experience by calculating estimated payments with taxes on some “not so unusual” payroll scenarios.


  • Gain basic understanding of the role of the Payroll Office and the role of the department payroll coordinators and personnel representatives.
  • Interactive exercises along with specific topics covered including payroll processing, general payroll policies & procedures, prorated pay, payroll calendars, off-cycle checks, taxation, non-salaried compensation and overpayments.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Payroll Services- What Departments and Colleges Need to Know
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