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PeopleAdmin 7 – Tips and Tricks

Course Number: HRA32

Cost: $0

Description: Do you use PeopleAdmin frequently? Are you looking for a more efficient way to use advanced features in screening applicant pools? If so, we are offering a hands-on, detailed training for everyday users. The goal of this course is to teach time-saving tips and tricks that will assist with executing system processes more efficiently. This training is specifically designed for frequent users of PeopleAdmin with any user type (i.e. Initiator, Approver, AA/Fiscal Officer, etc.) who have already mastered fundamental system navigation.


  • Create and utilize customized searches to help find, sort, and filter data efficiently.
  • Use existing data to speed up position description and posting entries.
  • More efficiently manage applicant pool through bulk transitions in workflows.
  • Export system data to address a department’s reporting needs.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
PeopleAdmin 7 – Tips and Tricks
To register for a course, please log-in to MyPACK Portal and follow this menu path:
Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment