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Managing & Coping with Change

Course Number: HRB000

Cost: $25


Change is constant. Yet our common response at first is to both resist and resent change. Especially when we feel that the change quickly becomes imposed into our lives. If we know change is a constant offering in life, and regardless of whether we are leading the change or managing the impact in our lives, we want to use a framework for coping and understanding. This framework allows us to effectively manage our responses to change and better manage the potential impact change can have in our lives and work.

What are the ways we cope with change? How can we understand the typical responses we have to change and learn how to effectively accept our emotions and move forward? How can we cultivate the personal and professional skills and strategies to keep our focus and move ahead with courage and strength? How can we manage the “gremlins” that get in the way when we are in the middle of change? This seminar will support our understanding of the “human response” to change and offer an opportunity to build on existing coping skills and create new actions to propel your career and life.


  • Build professional and personal awareness and skills in managing and coping with change
  • Understand the typical changes in all organizations
  • Gain a deeper understanding as to the “Human response” and emotional side of change
  • Learn strategies and tips which build your resiliency to cope
  • Create a personal and professional action plan for your steps to move forward
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Managing & Coping with Change
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