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PeopleAdmin 7

Course Number: HRA35

Cost: $0

Description: This is the core PeopleAdmin 7 class that will provide you with a fundamental overview of the system interface. This training is intended for people who are new to PeopleAdmin at NC State, infrequent users, or users that just need a refresher of the systemís core fundamentals. This training is specifically designed for new or infrequent users of PeopleAdmin with any user type (i.e., Initiator, Approver, AA/Fiscal Officer, etc.)


  • Effectively navigate the PeopleAdmin system, including modules, home page, and available resources.
  • Gain an understanding of system workflows and user types.
  • Learn how to start and route new actions, postings, and hiring proposals.
  • View and manage applicant materials.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
PeopleAdmin 7
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