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Behavioral-Based Interviewing

Course Number: HR0002

Cost: $50

Description: Behavioral Based Interviewing (BBI) is the best way to predict how a candidate will perform on the job and "fit" into an organization. Using BBI techniques to interview candidates can reveal behavior patterns that indicate with high predictability whether the candidate can perform the job as required. BBI helps you to develop a systematic approach to interview and evaluate candidates as well as make good hiring decisions based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a particular job.


  • Explain the business need for Behavioral Based Interviewing (BBI)
  • Identify the key steps in a successful Behavioral Based Interviewing process
  • Develop appropriate BBI questions
  • Identify common errors made in the interviewing process
  • Conduct a Behavioral Based Interview
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Behavioral-Based Interviewing
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