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Giving & Receiving Feedback

Course Number: HR0012

Cost: $25

Description: Giving objective, honest, and relevant feedback to others is a critical skill for any profession. This course looks at a 3-step process in how to structure the feedback and discusses the appropriate way(s) to respond to feedback. Participants will review and respond to a real-work case and have a chance to provide feedback in a safe and interactive classroom environment. Quick guides will be provided to participants to serve as a resource when implementing this new technique back in the workplace.


  • Identify opportunities to provide feedback to employees
  • Explain characteristics of effective feedback
  • Differentiate between judgments or opinions and specific observations
  • Acknowledge and refocus emotional responses
  • Practice skills through role plays
  • Explore the SBI model and examine the giving and receiving process components
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Giving & Receiving Feedback
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