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Time Management

Course Number: HR0016

Cost: $25

Description: Many of us are challenged with how to effectively manage our time with the increasing amount of responsibilities we face both in our professional and personal lives. Participants will learn new time and personal management techniques that will hopefully increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Participants will learn skills to manage their work activities, relationships, and communications to help manage their time effectively and efficiently. The cost of this course is $25.00.


  • Learn that time management is a personal skill that can be learned and developed.
  • Review a basic model of time management.
  • Learn skills to help manage their work activities, relationships, and communication techniques improved their time management skills.
  • Review and use techniques that will assist them in planning and organizing their time effectively.
  • Learn about additional time management resources for future research and use.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Time Management
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