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The eLearning training registration and tracking system went live July 1, 2009.  This new system will enable participating NC State University units to proactively manage their training course registrations while tracking enrollment. Primary benefits to participating units include a central repository for housing historical and current training related data and the ability to create and update courses, run queries, reports and monitor participation. Units involved in the July 1 roll-out are listed below. Select the unit title for more information regarding training provided by each unit.

End users will access the eLearning system through the MyPACK Portal.
Access to the eLearning System is role based. The table below defines eLearning roles and links to additional information:



Additional Info


An individual with an active NC State University job assignment that is able to self register for classes in the eLearning system.

eLearning Quick Reference – Employee

Employee Demonstration


An individual who has employees assigned to them within the HR System. Managers may register themselves and their direct reports for courses.

eLearning Quick Reference– Manager

Manager Demonstration

Training Representative

An individual with an active NC State University job assignment that has the ability to register participants for courses provided by their unit.

eLearning Quick Reference – Training Rep

Training Representative Demonstration


An individual that has been assigned to teach a course listed in the eLearning system.

eLearning Quick Reference – Instructor

Instructor Demonstration

eLearning sends important communications regarding course registrations, confirmations, reminders, Instructor notes, etc. to participants' 'Preferred’ email address. Review email update.pdf for more information on how to verify and update your 'Preferred' email address.


Last Edited: February 22nd, 2012