Pathways Leadership Development Program

What is Pathways?

Based on Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s leadership principle: “Leadership development is self-development,” Pathways is a two-semester program designed to enhance interpersonal effectiveness and leadership propensity. Program components align with Kouzes' and Posner's, “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership”.  They identified that extraordinary leaders, whether in formal or informal positions, demonstrate the following five practices: Modeling the Way; Inspiring a Shared Vision; Challenging the Process; Enabling Others to Act; and Encouraging the Heart.

Program Requirements & Skill Application

Path 1  (a prerequisite for Path 2)

  • Complete course topics including: Interpersonal Communications, Personality Styles, Project Management, Team Fundamentals, Conflict Resolution, Generations in the Workplace, Decision Making and Problem Solving and Business Ethics.
  • Collaborate with other Pathways participants on a team project and presentation.
  • Network with colleagues from the NC State Community and Partners.

Path 1 Schedule

Path 2  (for participants wanting to further enhance their Pathways experience after completing Path 1 or equivalent. Also a great option for those who completed Pathways prior to 2012 or Performance Leadership, as new courses have been added)

  • Complete “The Leadership Challenge Workshop” Part 1, 2 & 3 and other course topics that align with these practices including: Giving and Receiving Feedback, Meeting Management, Influencing & Managing Change, Ropes Course & Collaboration, DISC Personality and Leadership styles.
  • Participate in the LPI 360-degree feedback assessment to identify key leadership behaviors from the Leadership Challenge model and determine your leadership development goals.
  • Partner with a Pathways coach throughout the program

Path 2 Schedule

What is the cost?

Path 1 (course number: HRPW0A) - Program Cost:  $295 per participant 

Path 2 (course number: HRPW0B) - Program Cost:  $295 per participant 

 * Please call 919-515-4280 for pricing for Centennial Parters and Campus Affiliates.

The program fee includes a license to access The Compass online learning portal which contains more than 2900 additional courses.

What are past attendees saying about Pathways?

Read what our past attendees are saying about Pathways (pdf)


Who should participate in the program?

Pathways is designed for high-performing individuals, emerging and team leaders, and program/project managers.  The program is open to full-time employees of NC State University and Campus Partners and Affiliates who demonstrate leadership potential as outlined in the “Successful Pathways Participant Behaviors" below. 


What are the Successful Pathways Participant Behaviors?

To determine the profile of a successful candidate, consider the following questions:

Does the potential Pathways Leadership Development Program participant:

  • seek out challenging opportunities?
  • talk about future trends that will influence how work gets done?
  • develop cooperative relationships among the people s/he works with?
  • set a personal example of what s/he expects from others?
  • recognize people for a job well done?
  • challenge people to try new and innovative approaches to their work?
  • describe a compelling image of what the future of your department could be like and inspire others?
  • actively listen to diverse points of view and treat others with dignity and respect?
  • follow through on the promises and commitments that s/he makes?


How do participants enroll for Pathways?

To request enrollment for Pathways, please access the MyPACK Portal, and menu path: Employee Self-Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment > then use course number 'HRPW0A' for Path 1 or 'HRPW0B' for Path 2, then click the 'Available Sessions' link.  Select the orientation session date listed and submit the request.

Once enrollment is confirmed for the program, each participant will be automatically registered for all of the required courses, and a notification containing a list of dates, times and locations for all sessions will be emailed to each participant.


Stephanie Davis, Program Manager & Sr. Consultant
919-515-6371 or

Carina Lockley, Program Coordinator
919-515-4280 or

NC State Training and Organizational Development
919-515-7844 or