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NC State University Employee Discount Program

The WolfPerks Program designed to save NC State University faculty and staff money on products and services locally and nationally. The discounts below are organized into categories that we think best represents our offerings. Take a moment to browse through the many offers available to you and your family throughout the WolfPerks program.

The WolfPerks program is currently being redesigned and all information may not be current~



To use the program, simply identify yourself as an NC State University employee by showing the vendor your NC State Faculty/Staff ID card (also known as the All Campus Card). As an employee you are eligible for all discounts offered through the program. Some discounts may require account numbers, order forms, or other information which will be included in the offer description.

If you have questions about the WolfPerks program, please contact the Benefits Office at 919-515-2151 or


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Want to offer a discount?

Any business interested in participating in the WolfPerks program can send an email message to the Benefits Office at:


The Office of State Human Resources has contracted with WeSave, Inc. to build partnerships with local and statewide businesses to offer discounted products and services to all active and retired state and local government employees. There are over 3,000 merchants participating in the WeSave Discount Program for state employees.  This partnership with WeSave concentrates on strengthening and increasing employees' financial health and encourages North Carolina's economic growth.  The Office of State Human Resources promotes this partnership with WeSave, Inc. to express our appreciation to state and local government workforce.   You can activate your savings account at:


Wanted to become a WESAVE Merchant? Apply at:



NC State University does not evaluate, endorse or warrant the products and services offered by the WolfPerks business partners. NC State University and WolfPerks business partners have the right to discontinue the partnership at anytime.