Selected Anatomy Web Sites

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This web site is a storehouse of radiological human anatomy images. Great graphics that would enhance any biology class.

LUMEN Histology Home Page

This site has a wonderful histology slide collection! Lots of great graphics of just about all anatomical structures in the human body. A great resource for teachers and students to view anatomy images.

The Digital Anatomist Program

An excellent anatomy site! Great graphics of a cadaver's brain and thoracic section. A neat anatomical atlas on the web.

The Visible Human Project

The ultimate cadaver site!! The folks at this lab took a dead man, chopped him up in every possible cross-section that you can imagine, photographed all the pieces and put them up at this web site for your viewing pleasure. This site is a favorite of my students!

The Whole Brain Atlas

The Whole Brain Atlas is an excellent anatomy resource to learn about the brain. Great information on brain structure and functions and cerebral diseases. Graphics are phenomenal! Highest recommendation.


This Web site is an online graphical resource for medical and surgical communities. An excellent resource to use in an anatomy class.

B-EYE: The world through the eyes of a bee

This Web site simulates looking at a objects from a bee's perspective.

Human Anatomy Online

The Heart: An Online Exploration

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