Selected Earth Science Web Sites


VolcanoWorld is an outstanding resource for any earth science classroom interested in learning about volcanoes. This website contains real-time volcano information including an interactive clickable map of active volcanoes world-wide and remote sensing satellite images. Topics covered at VolcanoWorld include how volcanoes work, submarine volcanoes, planetary volcanoes, career information on becoming a volcanologist, volcanic parks and monuments and volcano exploration on the moon, Mars and Venus. It contains an area where students can post experiments including building a variety of different types of volcanoes. Teachers can also download a collection of interactive HyperStudio lessons on volcanoes from this web site.

Project Athena

Project Athena contains science curriculum lesson plans that use remote sensing data, QuickTime movies and data sets containing current scientific information relating to oceans, the atmosphere, earth resources and space/astronomy for teaching scientific concepts to students of all ages. This web site serves as a good model for developing lessons plans using Internet science resources. The lesson plans at Project Athena include hands-on activities and projects to do in the classroom for a variety of science curricular topics. Examples include using drifter buoy data to learn how oceanographers measure the ocean currents using spreadsheets and graphs of data plots, describing and tracking actual hurricanes using quicktime movies and satellite image maps, and comparing the weather in your city with "live cams" placed all over the country. Each of the lesson plans contains many topic-related resource links on the WWW.

The GLOBE Program

The GLOBE (Global learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program is a world-wide network of students, teachers and scienctists engaged in a tele-collaboration project to do meaningful real-life science. In the GLOBE Program,students make environmental observations and report their data findings on the internet. Scientists use the students' data to formulate amospheric models, then provide feedback to the students. The measurements conducted by the students include air temperature, cloud observations, precipitation, surface water temperature and pH, soil moisture, biometrics, land cover assessment and species identification. Students also share findings and communicate with other students using e-mail from the web site. GLOBE includes excellent descriptions of equipment and procedures for data acquisition and a user-friendly searchable data archive. The unique aspect of the GLOBE Program is that students are interactive partners with scientists.

Weather Underground

The Weather Underground is an excellent resource for teachers wishing to incorporate atmospheric studies into their curriculum. This web site contains a variety of weather maps, including satellite image maps, surface maps and contour maps. The Hurricane Tracker within Weathernet contains quicktime movies and satellite images of many hurricanes that have formed in the last few years. This web site also provides real time atmospheric data.

Hurricane Tracking

Hurricane Tracking from the University of Maryland keeps you in touch with the latest data from the hurricane planes during storms.

Navstar: Global Positioning Satellite Anchor Page

WebPhysics presents a unit on the physics involved in using the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). These lessons are used at the US Air Force Academy and IUPUI.


Weather Online was developed by the Weather Network. This site is a good informational site for students to use in researching concepts in weather or as suplimentary material for a weather unit. The main areas of this site are Tropical Weather, Local Weather, Expert Weather, Weather Tools, Weather Q & A, and Weatherboy Online. The two areas that would be most informative for students are the Local Weather and the Weatherboy Online. The Local Weather allows students to get weather information from any area in the United States. The information includes 4 day forecasts, satellite images, precipication and radar images. Also there is an area called Dr. Dewpoint, where questions can be answered. This area also incorporates math (algebra) concepts such as calculating wind chill or making temperature conversions. Weatherboy Online will be another good place for students to visit. Weatherboy is an animated character that explains concepts of weather and the how's and why's of weather. Storm Warning Center

In addition to storm tracking, this site contains lots of photos and movies and some Shockwave animations of tornadoes, lightning, and hurricanes. Contains discussion forums and chat areas on many severe weather related topics.

Hurricane Hunters Home Page

The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, is the only Department of Defense organization flying into tropical storms and hurricanes on a routine basis. Lots of cool pictures and neat information here. Careers involving relating to severe weather.

SuperStorm '93

This project investigates key weather processes and phenomena associated with a potent winter storm. Good inquiry activity.

WRAL Online - WeatherCenter

WRAL Online allows students to find out current weather conditions in their local area. Five day forecasts, radar and satellite images, a severe weather guide and a storm section are available. Students can also chat with Greg Fishel or other meteorologists about any questions they have about weather.


The Cable News Network has provided a website on weather. Students can find weather forecasts across the US or across the world. Weather maps are also available for any area in the world. A storm center is also available for up-to-date information on current storms or learn about past storms. Students can also find current news stories on any major weather situations that may be occuring.

Project: Weather Charting

Weather charting is a project included in the Athena Project. This site gives a current weather map of the US that is updated hourly. There is an activity listed that allows the students to compare the weather of their city to several cities across the USA. Also, there is a list of sites that can help students research the weather in the cities they chose. A science journal requirement and questions for the students to answer or relect on is also a part of this project.

North Carolina Geological Survey

National Geophysical Data Center

This site has information on and from the National Geophysical Data Center. Data and inventories in many disciplines are fully searchable and selected listings, data, and images can be downloaded. This also offers FTP and Gopher archives for access to data.

Earth and Sky

This site is for all ages, students and teachers. It has shows that include text and audio, articles on astronomy and Earth science, a "Teachers' Lounge" that has listings of resources for teachers, contests for kids, and more.

University of California Museum of Paleontology

Here, you can do research on life, learn about people, and hear about upcoming events. There are online exhibits of animals, plants, and time periods.

AMS DataStreme Project

At this site, you are able to learn about data stream activity, surface, satellites, upper air, forecasts, and many extras.

Wind and Sea - An Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Internet Locator

This is a locator site provided by the NOAA Central Library. It is meant to make internet searching more efficient for everyone concerned with oceanic and atmospheric issues. For teachers and students it has a connector to over 100 NOAA pages devoted to education.

USGS National Earthquake Information Center

At this site there is current and general information about earthquakes and many information sources. You can also report an earthquake.

One Sky, Many Voices

This site is made for kids K-12. Students can use current technologies such as CD-ROMs and the world wide web to study weather. Anyone can benefit from and participate in classrooms, homes, or afterschool programs.

NOVA On-line El NiŅo

Here you can find out what scientists are learning about this mysterious weather phenomenon and its reach through space and time. You can view pictures and diagrams of El NiŅo's anatomy, chasing El NiŅo, and much more.

Himalayas: Where Earth Meets Sky

This site was awarded the Cool Bananas site of the day, a cool site of the nite, Yahoo's pick of the week, and more. It contains a ThinkQuest log on the journey taken through the Himalayas.

NASA Earth Science Enterprise (ESE)

This site offers answers to questions like: what is the Earth Science Enterprise? Why is ESE important? It also tells you Earth breaking news, lets you look at Earth from space. It also features a kids only section.

For Kids Only

This kids only site has tons of information. Kids can find out all about hurricanes, tropical rainfall, air pressure, earth science, and El Ni³o graphing.

NASA Classroom of the Future

The Classroom of the Future program is helping to bridge the gap between America's classrooms and the expertise of NASA scientists, who have advanced the frontiers of knowledge in virtually every field of science over the last 40 years.


This site is all about Antarctica and the part Antarctica plays in our global system of weather, climate, oceans, and geology. It is intended to introduce you to the Antarctic and the brave souls who are investigating that vast, frozen continent.

NOAA's NHC Hurricane Andrew page

This site tells you everything you want to know about Andrew. It even has pictures of damaged houses and buildings.

NASA's hurricane movie catalog

At this site you are able to view hurricane movies and still pictures.

CNN's hurricane VRML

Here you can see the flows of wind that make up the engine of the hurricane, and travel into the eye. You can also learn about out flow, the eye, and the feeder.

NOAA's Tropical Cyclone Sites - mainly real-time information

This site has many links to choose from.

FEMA's reference library:disaster archives

Here you can visit the archives of past hurricanes and tropical storms.

National Severe Storms Laboratory's Weather Room

Site has information on the what, where, why's and how's of storms, weather lesons, and information about weather careers.

The Tornado Project Online
This site looks at tornado myths as well as having lots of other information about tornadoes including safety and some recounts of personal experiences with tornadoes.

CNN Storm Center

Lots of information on hurricanes, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

USA Today's Tornado information

Daily reports on tornadoes and severe weather. Includes statistcs and a historical archive on tornadoes.

Tornadoes - from the Why Files

Answers some of the basic questions on tornadoes, it includes a quiz over the material covered.

WW2010 Hurricanes module

Tons of information about hurricanes. With the proper plug-ins, includes a fly-through of a 3-D huricane.

Midlatitude Cyclones scaffolding activity

An online question and answer activity that students could complete. It includes doing some mapping of pressure systems.

WW2010 El NiŅo Instructional Module

A thourough site on what exactly El Nino is and what causes it and what the effects are in on and off years.

Mineralogy Database

Over 5,000 pages of mineral information, including over 4,000 pages devoted to individual minerals.

Geology Link

A site by Houghton Mifflin that includes daily geological updates and various forums. Includes a virtual classroom and virtual field trips as well as a glossary of geological terms.


Allows you to zoom in on any part of the US and view a topographical map.

Volcanoes Online

Information about volcanoes including games and comics.

Weather - Annenberg/CPB Exhibits Collection

A weather site that starts with the atmosphere and the water cycle and moves to forecasting.

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