Selected Physics Web Sites

Cockpit Physics

Cockpit Physics is a course on the Web from the US Air Force Academy. It's design is based on educational research and is structured around Karplus' Learning Cycle. The lessons make excellent use of QuickTime movies, javascript, and other state-of-the-art Web resources.

Fermi Lab

Fermi Lab, one of the major physics research institutes, provides an education page
with many resources.

The Particle Adventure

This is a GREAT web site! The Particle Adventure is an interactive tour of the atom from the Lawrence Berkeley Labs. It can be used as an interactive tutorial software to lead students through quarks, mesons, leptons, and other secrets of the atom. It contains 3 paths of information: standard model of particles path, experimental evidence path, and beyond the standard model. Each path takes you on an adventure that explains some aspect of particle physics. The paths include great original (and copywrited ) graphics and cartoons. Each path contains interactive links . Excellent classroom activities are included.

Nobel Laureates in Physics

Descriptions and photos of Nobel Laureates in Physics from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Library. This site is a good starting point for historical or biographical projects.

Virtual Prof

This web site is a great source of help for physics teachers and physics students. Includes helpful hints on how to be a good student. Free registration for 1st and 2nd semester help for physics students plus a pay subscription for access to physicists.

Amateur Scientist

This site has lots of great information. Links to many sites. Some of particular interest are Kids' Science Projects Elsewhere and Physics Demo Page. Physics Demo Page includes details of experiments and links to other good sites for related information and research.

Smile Program Physics Index

Over 200 Physics lessons for middle and high school students. Topics are divided into the following categories: Matter, Mechanics, Fluids, Electricity & Magnetism, Waves, Sound and Optics, and Miscellaneous.

NC State University Physics Demonstrations

Physics Home Pages, PCIC, NCSU

NCSA/LCA-Potsdam-WashU International Relativity Group

Air Travelers

Physics 2000

Exploratorium's Science Of Baseball

Exploratorium's Science Of Hockey

Amusement Park Physics

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist - Power Plants Around the World

ABC's of Nuclear Science

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