Selected Zoology Web Sites

Bugs in the News!

Bugs in the News! has very interesting biology articles that relate to insects. Quite an interesting variety of current entomology news clippings and information.

Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Yuckiest Site on the Internet contains wonderful information about cockroaches. Included are anatomy, physiology, environmental responses, habitat and niche information about the cockroach. This web site has a great humorous slant to it that makes learning fun! Great graphics! An excellent resource to use in the classroom to learn about entomology.

Net-Frog - Interactive Frog Dissection

This is the ultimate site for your students to view a frog dissection. My students enjoy watching the quicktime movies. This site will definitely make your students ooh and ahh.

The Electronic Zoo> The Electronic Zoo

Animal-related computer resources including, veterinary medicine, agriculture, biology, environment and ecology, medicine, animal-related WWW, gopher sites, FTP archives, TelNet sites, and electronic publications. An excellent resource for K-12 biology and animal sciences. Lots of neat stuff here!

Animal Information Database

The Animal Information Database is an excellent resource to learn some neat facts about animals and careers in zoological parks and marine science. Sea World-Busch Gardens Information on educational programs including, teacher's curriculum guides and Shamu TV.

The Albatross Project

This project uses sensitive satellites in space, miniature transmitters on birds, and rapid email communications to investigate the travels of albatross on the open ocean.

Bat Thematic Unit

Clasroom FeederWatch

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

The Elephants of Cameroon

Wild-Eyed Alaska

Frogs at the Exploratorium


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