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The JASON VII expedition was conducted in 1996. This JASON Project investigated marine life and living conditions, including habitats and food sources at the edge of the sea. During JASON VII, researchers, students and teachers investigated several interconnected shallow water habitats in Southern Florida including the Everglades, Florida Bay, Florida Keys and relic reefs. The JASON VII Homepage contains many good learning activities that can be easily incorporated into K-12 science curricula.

The "Shark Tracking Activity" contains a dataset of shark movement observed by the JASON research team. Students can use this dataset activity to produce maps and graphs showing the sharks' movement. Students can then analyze their graphs or maps to look for patterns in the sharks' movements which might indicate if they have a preferred territory.

In "Exploring the Steel Reef," students can view and magnify sonar images of a ship wreck.

The "Fish Survey Data" of the expedition contains an extensive dataset that can be analyzed by students to examine relationships among habitat preferences of different organisms.

The "Aquatic Field Investigation" contains many hands on activities that can be used in the K-12 classroom curricula which focus on how to measure the biotic and abiotic (living and nonliving) characteristics of an aquatic site to gain an understanding of how the habitat operates. Many different materials and methods sheets are provided for teachers to use these activities with their students.

Other activities at the Jason Project VII web site have students examine coral growth patterns and design visual shark targets.

Detailed descriptions of the entire expedition is provided online, including an in depth look at the equipment used by the research team.


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