Selected Copyright Web Sites

The Copyright Website

Benedict O'Mahoney has put together an informative and fun website dealing with copyright issues. Students will enjoy the example lawsuits.

Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University

Stanford University's website on copyright issues and fair use.

The US Copyright Office

The US Copyright Office is part of the Library of Congress. This website has the forms for formal copyright applications.

How to cite information from the Web

The American Psychological Association (APA) provides examples for making bibliographic citations for information found on the web.

Acceptable Use Policies

This list of links to sample acceptable use policies is part of the Web 66 project of the University of Minnesota. Acceptable use policies are usually contracts between the schools, students, and their parents/guardians for use of the Internet and software in the schools.

Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright and Educational Fair Use

This document is the result of the work completed by the University System of Georgia Committee on Copyright. This Web site provides illustrative examples of Fair Use and the legal background of copyright law.

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