Start-ups + Spinoffs

We start companies that change the world.

NC State researchers have spun off 100+ companies that have attracted more than $1.5 billion in investment capital.

Those companies employ thousands of people throughout North Carolina and across the nation.

Our work creates jobs.

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Inventions + Licensing

Our discoveries lead to beautiful solutions.

NC State's scientists are working day and night to solve the grand challenges facing society — and their work is paying off.

Our Office of Technology Transfer has helped researchers obtain 795 active U.S. patents and more than 1,500 patents worldwide, with another 234 U.S. patents pending.

Licensing agreements on our discoveries have made more than 270 products available to consumers in areas ranging from health care to food production.

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Collaboration With Industry

We Forge Partnerships That Get Work Done.

At NC State, we know that collaboration is key to innovation.

That's why our faculty and researchers regularly collaborate with industry partners to leverage our complementary strengths and accomplish more together than we ever could separately.

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Attracting Industry Clusters

Where We Lead, Industries Follow.

Innovative businesses seek out the great minds who push industries to strengthen and evolve.

NC State plays a vital role in North Carolina’s economy by attracting industry clusters that locate here, especially in the fields of energy, biomanufacturing and nonwoven textiles.

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Academic Excellence

We Give Top-Notch Students A World-Class Education.

Our innovative approach to education and our high level of research support attract the world's top faculty to NC State, creating a superior educational environment.

NC State's students have the chance to learn from the world's brightest minds in some of the most advanced laboratories on the planet.

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Innovation Culture

Our Focus On Innovation Informs Everything We Do.

NC State's innovation-oriented mindset permeates the entire institution — faculty, students, researchers, staff and every partner we collaborate with.

This vibrant atmosphere provides a wealth of opportunities to make discoveries, solve problems and fuel the economy.

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Innovative Campus

Our Cutting-Edge Campus Drives Innovation.

Centennial Campus, a nationally recognized model for public-private research parks, houses more than 60 corporate, government and nonprofit partners and more than 75 NC State research and academic units.

More than 2,300 partner employees work at Centennial alongside thousands of faculty, staff, post-docs and students in state-of-the-art research facilities designed to foster innovation.

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